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What is solidarity?

25 May

Solidarity is viewing the action of blocking water meters as the same as boycotting a bill.

Solidarity is caring about the homeless as well as refugees.

Solidarity is not classifying abortions as “good” or “bad”.

Solidarity is standing with the Luas workers.

Solidarity is understanding that free legal aid should be made available when a case is in the Circuit Court.

Solidarity is calling for an end to deportations as well as direct provision.

Solidarity is opposing TTIP.

Solidarity is a Shannon Airport free from the US Military.




Solidarity is understanding that not all faiths are treated equally in this country.

Solidarity is realising this country has 32 counties.

Solidarity is demanding the recognition of Traveller ethnicity.

Solidarity is realising your enemy are not striking workers but the bosses who are trying to change their conditions for the worse.

Solidarity is looking beyond erecting barriers around bodies of water.

Solidarity is seeing taking health, housing and education out of the hands of private interests.

Solidarity is protecting our environment over drilling for gas.

Solidarity is not seeing gaining experience as €50 on top of your dole.

Solidarity is not worrying about who is using public bathrooms.

Solidarity is personified in the Palestinian people.