The Labour Party doesn’t care about Marriage Equality

3 Jan

This advert that the Labour party are proposing to use as election propaganda highlights two things:

1. The party has no real concern for the equality of gay people in Ireland. The marriage equality referendum was an easy bandwagon to jump on that allowed them to deflect attention away from their barbaric economic policies. The welfare of minorities is only ever considered in terms of winning votes for them.

2. The politicians represented in the advert expose how the Labour party has no understanding of where it lies on the political spectrum. It no longer has a principled politics. It’s anybody but them and right-wing Fine Gael. 3 of the 6 people being mocked are genuine socialists.


Most importantly, they see the struggle for equality of a large section of our population as something that can be ripped out of context and used to ridicule their opponents. Using an image of two men getting married in such a way continues to “other” the concept, holding the door shut against the normalisation of homosexual relationships in popular culture.


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