Protection of Life during a Garth Brooks concert

7 Jul

I don’t think I’ve ever seen our “major” political parties move so fast to publish their position on an issue. Whether some cowboy-lad  should be allowed to play a load of concerts in a big GAA pitch. I’m not going to go into my opinion of the fella’s music. In trying to think up a title for this post, I was hoping to do a play on a song title of his…but I don’t know any of his songs. That’s largely irrelevant here, what’s important to note is how quick the state machinery can move when it wants to. Especially when there’s money to be made. They’ll even play on the genuine concerns of different sets of locals to screw with public opinion.


It has to be said. How come there was no such urgency on issues that dramatically affect our lives? For abortion, it took 20, 30 years; and what women are left with is something that’s actually, regressive. How about asylum seekers waiting on whether they can stay in the country; ah sure leave them in limbo for a good 7 years. Hold on, the Dáil sat overnight to decide on the promissory notes/government bonds, with the odd drink or 50 in the bar. Of course they did, the European Central Bank were involved. Where capital is at stake, the parties will fall over each other to have their voice heard. They’ll happily sit back for decades when it’s the lives of the oppressed at stake. To those who bought tickets; this isn’t being done for you, it’s being done for those who can make you part with your very last euro/dollar.

There is one more thing to take from this. The law. It always operates in the interests of the wealthy. A set of rules designed to regulate capital…stretched to cover social issues too. So I fail to see the point in lying to homeowners and those who have to pay the water charges that we can challenge and defeat national legislation in the courts. It’s diverting energy down a cesspit, giving legitimacy to fanciful ideas about “contracts” and “licensing” – mostly where these concepts don’t even apply. However, that’s a post for another day. The point is, our politicians can move quite fast to change the law. Keep that in mind when we build campaigns to repeal the 8th Amendment, the 27th Amendment…or a move for an entire new constitution altogether.


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