Endapendence Day

6 Jul

Did you know it was Algerian Independence Day yesterday? Or that it’s Malawi’s Independence Day today? I didn’t until a few days ago either. Yet we all knew it was time to establish some sort of connection to the States on Friday. Regardless of the fact that the US sees this island as a landing pad for it’s war-machines, ignoring that most of it’s multi-nationals rob this state of taxes year-in, year out; too many of us in Ireland go out of our way to only acknowledge one particular independence day. God forbid that we identify with some country in Africa when it comes to national independence.


Fuck patriotism. Why ignore the inequality and death meted out by our Governments for one day just so we can swear allegiance to a fabricated entity that couldn’t give a damn about you anyway. Well there is one reason. It operates as a weapon of mass distraction. Take The Gathering. A US-inspired “celebration” designed to take the Irish public’s mind away from wondering why 1000s are emigrating, and instead focusing our attention on bullshit notions of what being “Irish” is. They do it in the US everyday: “Support Our Troops!” – don’t question the massive  amount of money being spent on killing innocent people; The Patriot Act – being patriotic means giving up many of your basic rights..etc. In identifying with that particular independence day, we see how the Irish Government and the “wealth-creators” behind the largest entertainment and retail outlets in Ireland want to frame “being Irish”. Throw on the green shirt sure – suddenly you forget about asylum seekers, the lack of reproductive rights, water taxes…you know the score.

I’m not starting this blog to just give my opinion on stuff that pisses me off – I want to use it to make suggestions for action, where necessary. So, in that regard, I propose  finding out the Independence Days of other countries and going to those same bars and shops around Galway that were decked out in stars and stripes; and asking them to hold events that celebrate Algeria and Malawi, for example. However, not being the biggest fan  of nationalism- or borders for that matter; how about holding an event next July 4th that counters the idea that we should celebrate the independence of slave-masters? With the inferiority complex this nation has, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eyre Square covered in St George’s crosses next April 23rd…


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